Episode 2: Your face sounds familiar!

30 March, 2021

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In this episode we talk about Generative Neural Networks. For those who don’t know very well what this is about, Neural Networks are a kind of program that is able to learn to perform tasks automatically, just by seeing thousands of examples. In other words, we “train” them, exposing them to example after example after example of the tasks we want them to perform.

We also commented on GANS, or Generative Adversarial Networks. And the fact that it is in the plural is super important! In reality it is not just one neural network, it is TWO networks, which are COMPETING with each other. The GANs, the adversarial networks, are behind technologies like FaceApp (the app that turned you into an old man or a child, or a woman/man, or gave you a mustache), Deep Nostalgia (the website that animates photographs) or deepfakes.

Our deepfakes expert, and DaSCI Institute researcher, is Guillermo Gómez Trenado. He happens to be a graduate in Criminology from the University of Murcia and Computer Science from the University of Granada. He is currently an FPU fellow at the University of Granada with the doctoral thesis project: “Disruptive Approaches to Forensic Identification based on Deep Learning“. He develops two main lines of work that inform each other, on the one hand, the development of novel Deep Learning solutions for Computer Vision, and on the other hand, its application in Forensic Identification. He is currently investigating the problem of age transformation in photographs with domain adaptation.

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