Students from CEIP Sierra Elvira complete their knowledge of the brain

14 December, 2021

#event #outreach

The youngest students so far in our classrooms visit DaSCI. Together with their teacher Juana León and other teachers of the CEIP Sierra Elvira, twelve kids between 7 and 11 years old visited us at the E.T.S. de Ingenierías de Informática y Telecomunicación.

The idea was to learn more about artificial intelligence and artificial neurons, since in class this year they were working in depth on the knowledge of the human brain. And so it was, with their questions and comments they showed that they not only understood this subject, but they were also young people passionate about physics, chemistry, computer science and history.

The talk, which lasted about two hours, began and ended by relating Artificial Intelligence with wood, and the proposal that the GO IMAI project aims to support: the protection of forests endangered by illegal trafficking of timber, through an app that allows the recognition of the same and their identification in customs. Likewise, these promising young people learned how an orchestra of neurons works, and the mechanisms underlying AI techniques applied in the prediction of degenerative neuronal diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The following image gallery shows the speakers Francisco Jesús Martínez Murcia, and Rosana Montes together with Francisco Herrera and our visitors. More on Google Photos