Rosana Montes at #NIGHTspain 2023

6 June, 2023

#event #29th september

Rosana Montes Soldado

Software Engineering Department

About Me

Rosana Montes Soldado acquired in 2008 the degree of Doctor with European Mention in Computer Science from the University of Granada (Spain). She has been teaching classes since 2000 and currently does so at the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications (ETSIIT) in the Computer Engineering Degree and in the Master of Business Process Technology Management. During the years 2010 and 2015 she was the Secretary of the Virtual Teaching Center of the UGR. 
She belongs to the Andalusian Interuniversity Institute for Research in Data Science and Computational Intelligence (DaSCI) of which she is also the Secretary. He has coordinated several MOOCs in AbiertaUGR.

Research Interests

Her research areas are realistic image synthesis, m-learning, user interface design, open learning and word computing applied to decision making.

Outstanding results

For me the most important thing is the research that developed a software, which although it has not been exploited commercially, but has a free license and a high potential for application in different areas.
These are:

  • IMAIapp: project that develops an intelligent system for species recognition, which executed in app serves for customs security forces to have an early warning if the transported wood is protected (CITES species) and therefore its trade is illegal.
  • iCucha: an app for citizens to express the noise nuisance they perceive in the area where they live.
  • EDUTrack: project that develops a boy for Telegram that allows to know the satisfaction of students with the subject of Software Fundamentals of the Degree in Computer Engineering at the UGR.
  • MonuMAI: citizen science project that provides a mobile image recognition application that helps blind people to locate locations inside buildings.
  • DummyRealState: web system for real estate agencies that helps users who consult information to obtain the recommendation of the order of visit of those properties for which they show an interest.
  • Teranga Go!: an online community and car sharing app, designed specifically for travel between Spain and Senegal, with an intelligent system that calculates trust in users based on community feedback.
  • 2TLF-Delphi: a web tool that supports the application of a linguistic Delphi method to validate scientific data collection instruments.
  • DIME+: an app to know the opinion of citizens at major events or science outreach fairs.


I could say that my vocation is purely teaching, but it is not. It is true that for me a day of classes is a day after which I leave renewed and activated by the contact with the student, who you see how he evolves and becomes a computer professional. But on the other hand, I can say that I like the management experience, as well as the possibility of working with other people on research issues. There is no routine, everything excites me and encourages me to participate, and I believe that it is not easy to maintain that spirit in all professions.

Scientific Desire

A general desire for me is to help people, that everything I can do has a use and is applied in people’s daily lives.