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Citas Total: 1109 From 2015: 895
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Papers (91)

Title Authors Year
Tree Cover Estimation in Global Drylands from Space Using Deep Learning E Guirado, D Alcaraz-Segura, J Cabello, S Puertas-Ruíz, F Herrera, .... 2020
A tutorial on ensembles and deep learning fusion with MNIST as guiding thread: A complex heterogeneous fusion scheme reaching 10 digits error S Tabik, RF Alvear-Sandoval, MM Ruiz, JL Sancho-Gómez, .... 2020
Object Detection Binary Classifiers methodology based on deep learning to identify small objects handled similarly: Application in video surveillance F Pérez-Hernández, S Tabik, A Lamas, R Olmos, H Fujita, F Herrera. 2020
Array relocation approach for radial scanning algorithms on multi-GPU systems: total viewshed problem as a case study AJ Sanchez, LF Romero, G Bandera, S Tabik. 2020
MNIST-NET10: A heterogeneous deep networks fusion based on the degree of certainty to reach 0.1 error rate. Ensembles overview and proposal S Tabik, RF Alvear-Sandoval, MM Ruiz, JL Sancho-Gómez, .... 2020
FuCiTNet: Improving the generalization of deep learning networks by the fusion of learned class-inherent transformations M Rey-Area, E Guirado, S Tabik, J Ruiz-Hidalgo. 2020
COVIDGR dataset and COVID-SDNet methodology for predicting COVID-19 based on Chest X-Ray images S Tabik, A Gómez-Ríos, JL Martín-Rodríguez, I Sevillano-García, .... 2020
Asynchronous Processing for Latent Fingerprint Identification on Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Systems AJ Sanchez, LF Romero, D Peralta, MA Medina-Pérez, Y Saeys, .... 2020
Revisiting crowd behaviour analysis through deep learning: Taxonomy, anomaly detection, crowd emotions, datasets, opportunities and prospects FL Sánchez, I Hupont, S Tabik, F Herrera. 2020
Lights and Shadows in Evolutionary Deep Learning: Taxonomy, Critical Methodological Analysis, Cases of Study, Learned Lessons, Recommendations and Challenges AD Martinez, J Del Ser, E Villar-Rodriguez, E Osaba, J Poyatos, S Tabik, .... 2020
MonuMAI: Dataset, deep learning pipeline and citizen science based app for monumental heritage taxonomy and classification A Lamas, S Tabik, P Cruz, R Montes, Á Martínez-Sevilla, T Cruz, .... 2020
Towards Highly Accurate Coral Texture Images Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Data Augmentation A Gómez-Ríos, S Tabik, J Luengo, ASM Shihavuddin, B Krawczyk, .... 2019
Brightness guided preprocessing for automatic cold steel weapon detection in surveillance videos with deep learning A Castillo, S Tabik, F Pérez, R Olmos, F Herrera. 2019
Detection of Fir Trees (Abies sibirica) Damaged by the Bark Beetle in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images with Deep Learning A Safonova, S Tabik, D Alcaraz-Segura, A Rubtsov, Y Maglinets, .... 2019
Deep recurrent neural network for geographical entities disambiguation on social media data C Zuheros, S Tabik, A Valdivia, E Martínez-Cámara, F Herrera. 2019
Redes Neuronales Convolucionales para Una Clasificacion Precisa de Imágenes de Corales A Gómez-Rıos, S Tabik, J Luengo, F Herrera, ASM Shihavuddin, .... 2019
Coral species identification with texture or structure images using a two-level classifier based on Convolutional Neural Networks A Gómez-Ríos, S Tabik, J Luengo, ASM Shihavuddin, F Herrera. 2019
Deep Learning in Video Multi-Object Tracking: A Survey G Ciaparrone, FL Sánchez, S Tabik, L Troiano, R Tagliaferri, F Herrera. 2019
Reorganización de matrices en algoritmos de barrido radial sobre Modelos Digitales del Terreno LF Romero-Gomez, S Tabik, G Bandera-Burgueño. 2019
BreakHis based Breast Cancer Automatic Diagnosis using Deep Learning: Taxonomy, Survey and Insights Y Benhammou, B Achchab, F Herrera, S Tabik. 2019
Whale counting in satellite and aerial images with deep learning E Guirado, S Tabik, ML Rivas, D Alcaraz-Segura, F Herrera. 2019
MASK R-CNN FOR SEGMENTATION OF OLIVE TREES AN Safonova, E Guirado, S Tabik, D Alcaraz-Segura, YA Maglinets. 2019
Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI): Concepts, Taxonomies, Opportunities and Challenges toward Responsible AI AB Arrieta, N Díaz-Rodríguez, J Del Ser, A Bennetot, S Tabik, A Barbado, .... 2019
Deep Learning in Omics Data Analysis and Precision Medicine J Martorell-Marugán, S Tabik, Y Benhammou, C del Val, I Zwir, F Herrera, .... 2019
Automatic Handgun Detection Alarm in Videos Using Deep Learning R Olmos, S Tabik, F Herrera. 2018
A Binocular Image Fusion Approach for Minimizing False Positives in Handgun Detection with Deep Learning R Olmos, S Tabik, A Castillo, F Pérez, F Herrera. 2018
A first study exploring the performance of the state-of-the art CNN model in the problem of breast cancer Y Benhammou, S Tabik, B Achchab, F Herrera. 2018
Framework for the Training of Deep Neural Networks in TensorFlow Using Metaheuristics J Muñoz-Ordóñez, C Cobos, M Mendoza, E Herrera-Viedma, F Herrera, .... 2018
A First Step to Accelerating Fingerprint Matching Based on Deformable Minutiae Clustering AJ Sanchez, LF Romero, S Tabik, MA Medina-Pérez, F Herrera. 2018
Acelerando la comparación de huellas dactilares basadas en agrupaciones deformables de minucias LF Romero, AJ Sánchez, S Tabik. 2018
XVIII Conferencia de la Asociación Española para la Inteligencia Artificial (CAEPIA 2018) JDELSER FRANCISCO HERRERA, SERGIO DAMAS, ROSANA MONTES, SERGIO ALONSO .... 2018
Automatic whale counting in satellite images with deep learning E Guirado, S Tabik, ML Rivas, D Alcaraz-Segura, F Herrera. 2018
A tuning approach for iterative multiple 3d stencil pipeline on GPUs: Anisotropic Nonlinear Diffusion algorithm as case study S Tabik, M Peemen, LF Romero. 2018
Red Neural Recurrente para la Desambiguacion de Entidades en Datos de Medios Sociales C Zuheros, S Tabik, A Valdivia, E Martınez-Cámara, F Herrera. 2018
Evaluacion de estrategias de binarizacion en la clasificacion de imágenes usando deep learning F Pérez, S Tabik, A Castillo, H Fujita, F Herrera. 2018
Competicion CAEPIA-App: MonuMAI, una app para incrementar el valor social del patrimonio-arquitectonico andaluz F Herrera, A Martinez-Sevilla, S Tabik, R Montes, A Castillo, TC Sánchez, .... 2018
Preprocesamiento guiado por luminosidad para la deteccion automática de armas blancas en video vigilancia con Deep Learning A Castillo, S Tabik, F Pérez, R Olmos, F Herrera. 2018
Deep-learning versus OBIA for scattered shrub detection with Google Earth imagery: Ziziphus lotus as case study E Guirado, S Tabik, D Alcaraz-Segura, J Cabello, F Herrera. 2017
A snapshot of image pre-processing for convolutional neural networks: case study of MNIST S Tabik, D Peralta, A Herrera-Poyatos, F Herrera. 2017
Total 3D‐viewshed Map: Quantifying the Visible Volume in Digital Elevation Models AR Cervilla, S Tabik, J Vías, M Mérida, LF Romero. 2017
Descubriendo al pistolero: La inteligencia artificial aplicada a la detección de armas en tiempo real S Tabik, R Olmos, F Herrera. 2017
A Data Partitioning Model for Highly Heterogeneous Systems S Tabik, G Ortega, EM Garzón, D Suárez. 2016
Siting multiple observers for maximum coverage: An accurate approach AR Cervilla, S Tabik, LF Romero. 2015
Demystifying the 16× 16 thread‐block for stencils on the GPU S Tabik, M Peemen, N Guil, H Corporaal. 2015
3D-viewshed map: a measure of landscape deepness AR Cervilla, S Tabik, LF Romero. 2015
Siting Multiple Observers for Maximum Coverage: An Accurate Approach. AR Cervilla, S Tabik, LF Romero. 2015
Performance evaluation of kernel fusion BLAS routines on the GPU: iterative solvers as case study S Tabik, G Ortega, EM Garzón. 2014
Efficient data structure and highly scalable algorithm for total-viewshed computation S Tabik, AR Cervilla, E Zapata, LF Romero. 2014
Evaluating the Fission/fusion Transformation of an Iterative Multiple 3D-stencil on GPUs S Tabik, A Murarasu, LF Romero. 2014
Anisotropic nonlinear diffusion for filtering 3D images on GPUs S Tabik, A Murarasu, LF Romero. 2014
16 Cards to Get Into Computer Organization S Tabik, LF Romero. 2014
Simultaneous computation of total viewshed on large high resolution grids S Tabik, EL Zapata, LF Romero. 2013
Optimal tilt and orientation maps: a multi-algorithm approach for heterogeneous multicore-GPU systems S Tabik, A Villegas, EL Zapata, LF Romero. 2013
Numerical simulations of dynamics and emission from relativistic astrophysical jets P Mimica, MA Aloy, JM Rueda-Becerril, S Tabik, C Aloy. 2013
Performance Analysis of the Multi-pass Transformation for Complex 3D-Stencils on GPUs E López-Zapata, LF Romero, S Tabik. 2013
A job scheduling approach for multi-core clusters based on virtual malleability G Utrera, S Tabik, J Corbalan, J Labarta. 2012
A fast GIS-tool to compute the maximum solar energy on very large terrains S Tabik, A Villegas, EL Zapata, LF Romero. 2012
VLBI-resolution radio-map algorithms: Performance analysis of different levels of data-sharing on multi-socket, multi-core architectures S Tabik, LF Romero, P Mimica, O Plata, EL Zapata. 2012
Visibilidad total para observadores desligados del terreno AR Cervilla, S Tabik, EL Zapata, LF Romero. 2012
High-performance three-horizon composition algorithm for large-scale terrains S Tabik, LF Romero, EL Zapata. 2011
Spectral evolution simulation on leading multi-socket, multicore platforms S Tabik, P Mimica, O Plata, E Zapata, LF Romero. 2011
Determination of traffic control tables by HPC EMT Hendrix, S Tabik, R Haijema. 2011
Evaluating the consistency of the 1982–1999 NDVI trends in the Iberian Peninsula across four time-series derived from the AVHRR sensor: LTDR, GIMMS, FASIR, and PAL-II D Alcaraz-Segura, E Liras, S Tabik, J Paruelo, J Cabello. 2010
Mapping parallel loops on multicore systems S Tabik, F Romero, GM Utrera Iglesias, O Plata. 2010
Analytical modeling of pipeline parallelism A Navarro, R Asenjo, S Tabik, C Cascaval. 2009
Load balancing using work-stealing for pipeline parallelism in emerging applications A Navarro, R Asenjo, S Tabik, C Caşcaval. 2009
Fast clear-sky solar irradiation computation for very large digital elevation models LF Romero, S Tabik, JM Vías, EL Zapata. 2008
Parallel computing of partial differential equations-based applications S Tabik. 2008
On a model of three-dimensional bursting and its parallel implementation S Tabik, LF Romero, EM Garzón, JI Ramos. 2008
High performance noise reduction for biomedical multidimensional data S Tabik, EM Garzón, I García, JJ Fernández. 2007
Fast insolation computation in large territories S Tabik, JM Vías, EL Zapata, LF Romero. 2007
Three–Dimensional Bursting Simulation on Two Parallel Systems S Tabik, LF Romero, EM Garzón, I García, JI Ramos. 2007
Three-dimensional bursting and parallel computing S Tabik, LF Romero, EM Garzon, JI Ramos. 2007
Evaluation of parallel paradigms on Anisotropic Nonlinear Diffusion S Tabik, EM Garzón, I García, JJ Fernández. 2006
Multiprocessing of Anisotropic Nonlinear Diffusion for filtering 3D images S Tabik, EM Garzon, I García, JJ Fernandez. 2006
Parallel simulation of three–dimensional bursting with MPI and OpenMP S Tabik, LF Romero, EM Garzón, JI Ramos. 2006
Implementation of anisotropic nonlinear diffusion for filtering 3D images in structural biology on SMP clusters S Tabik, EM Garzón, G Inmaculada, F José-Jesús. 2005
Filtering 3D images in Structural Biology with Anisotropic Nonlinear Diffusion on SMP Clusters. S Tabik, EM Garzón, I García, JJ Fernández. 2005
Chapter 1-Large Scale Computations-Analysis of the Interaction of Electromagnetic Signals with Thin-Wire Structures. Multiprocessing Issues for an Iterative Method E Martin Garzon, S Tabik, AR Bretones, I Garcia. 2005
Multiprocessing of the time domain analysis of thin-wire antennas and scatterers EM Garzon, S Tabik, I García, A Bretones. 2004
Analysis of the interaction of electromagnetic signals with thin-wires structures. multiprocessing issues for an iterative method EM Garzón, S Tabik, AR Bretones, I García. 2004
Distribuciones de datos basadas en valores para matrices dispersas: dos soluciones basadas en permutaciones IG Fernández, S Tabik, EM Garzón. 2002
Computational physics J Qiang, RD Ryne, FD Colavecchia, G Gasaneo, JE Miraglia, .... 2001

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