University-Business Chair in AI – UGR-Repsol Noticia

The UGR obtains, in collaboration with Repsol, one of the university-business chairs in Artificial Intelligence awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

It is financed with 1.6 million euros over four years and will allow the development of the project ‘Ethical, Responsible and General Purpose Artificial Intelligence: Applications in Risk Scenarios’

Episode 31: Digital Twins Noticia

#podcast #T4E2 14th nov2023 From the European Researchers’ Night we invite you to learn about the concept of “Digital Twin”. We interviewed Dr. Juan Chiachio, a leading expert in this technology who will explain what it is and how it can be applied particularly in building in order to change the way we design, construct […]

Large-Scale Data Analytics with Python and Spark Noticia

A Hands-on Guide to Implementing Machine Learning Solutions Isaac Triguero, University of GranadaMikel Galar, Public University of Navarre Editorial: Cambridge University PressYear: 2023Pages: 378ISBN: 9781009318242 A hands-on textbook teaching how to carry out large-scale data analytics and implement machine learning solutions for Big Data. Including copious real-world examples, it offers a coherent teaching package with […]

Episode 33: Machine Learning in Neuroscience Noticia

#podcast #T4E4 12 dic, 2023 In this terrifying episode of SintonIA, the line between reality and fiction is blurred. Rocio has disappeared, and Francisco finds himself in a puzzling situation. We travel to a spooky castle in Munich, Germany, where a meeting of researchers exploring the boundaries between psychiatry and neurology is taking place. They […]

Episode 32: Planning Noticia

#podcast #T4E3 28 nov, 2023 In this special episode from the European Researchers’ Night we invite you to learn all about the world surrounding intelligent planning. We interview Carlos Nuñez, a brilliant postdoctoral student at the DaSCI Institute, who guides us through the complex world of automatic planning and shows us its practical applications in […]

Conferences and activities on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean Noticia

#Outreach #November November has allowed DaSCI researchers to visit university centers in Cuba and Brazil, with the aim of joining ties between Spain and Latin America, to publicize the institute’s research areas and to promote future lines of collaboration. Plenary talk by Francisco Herrera “Secure and reliable artificial intelligence: Risk and auditability scenarios” at the […]

Guided tours of the Pioneras Informáticas exhibition Noticia

#Event #november In the context of the University of Jaén, from November 6, 2023 to November 17, 2023, a total of 16 visits were organized. This work has allowed a total of 414 students from 10 different centers in the province of Jaén (Jaén, La Carolina, Mengíbar, Torredelcampo and Torredonjimeno) to visit the exhibition “Pioneras […]

Hour of Code at University of Jaén Noticia

#Special Event #October The Department of Computer Science of the University of Jaén (coordinated by PhD Lina García-Cabrera) is promoting “Hour of Code” in the province of Jaén in many ways:

Episode 30: The European Researchers’ Night Noticia

#podcast #T4E1 25 october, 2023 Get ready for an episode recorded live from the Paseo del Salón in Granada during the European Researchers’ Night! In this special episode we dive into the fascinating world of technological innovation applied to event evaluation. Our expert Rosana Montes Soldado introduces us to DIME+, an application that she assures […]

#NIGHTspain 2023 Noticia

#Event #September 2023 The European Researchers’ Night is a Europe-wide public event, showcasing the diversity of science and its impact on the daily lives of citizens in fun and inspiring ways. This year, the event will take place in 25 countries on Friday, September 29, 2023. DaSCI is participating in the event from each of […]

Pablo Mesejo at #NIGHT Spain 2023 Noticia

#event #29th september Pablo Mesejo Santiago Dept. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Pablo Mesejo holds a PhD in Computer Science (Università degli Studi di Parma, Italy, 2013), a Postgraduate degree in Bioinformatics: Genomics and Structural Biology (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, 2010), and a degree in Computer Engineering (Universidade da Coruña, 2009). He has worked as […]

Rocío Romero at #NIGHTspain 2023 Noticia

#event #29th september Rocío Romero Zaliz Dpt. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence About Me I have been a computer scientist almost since I can remember. Computers and all the gadgets in the world are my passion. Curiosity is a main part of my day-to-day life and what has led me to work on very diverse topics: medicine, […]

Juan Chiachío at #NIGHTspain 2023 Noticia

#event #29th september Juan Chiachío Ruano Mechanics of Structures and Hydraulic Engineering Department About Me Research Interests Outstanding results Vocation Scientific Desire

Sergio Damas at #NIGHTspain 2023 Noticia

#event #29th september Sergio Damas Arroyo Professor at Software Engineering Department About Me Sergio Damas is … Research Interests Aplicación de diferentes técnicas de inteligencia artificial a problemas reales en Imagen médica, Antropología forense, Modelado basado en agentes, Equilibrado de líneas de montaje, etc. Outstanding results Descubrir yo el apasionante mundo de la ciencia y […]

Rosana Montes at #NIGHTspain 2023 Noticia

#event #29th september Rosana Montes Soldado Software Engineering Department About Me Rosana Montes Soldado acquired in 2008 the degree of Doctor with European Mention in Computer Science from the University of Granada (Spain). She has been teaching classes since 2000 and currently does so at the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications (ETSIIT) in […]

Episode 29: Tourism and AI Noticia

#podcast #T3E8 20 march, 2023 Technology can help transform the travel industry and enhance the traveler experience. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and Virtual Reality can be used to personalize experiences, from trip planning to the stay at the destination. To talk about all this we had the participation of Javier Melero Rus, CEO […]

VII Bioinformatics Workshop Noticia

#Training #Event Aimed at the entire university community and open to organizations, centers, companies, researchers, vocational training students, etc., who are interested in the subject. Through the different scheduled presentations, the aim is to give an overview of the subject as well as practical applications of Computer Science within the area of Bioinformatics (application of […]