Paseos Matemáticos por Granada. Un estudio entre Arte, Ciencia e Historia Noticia

Álvaro Martínez-Sevilla This books presents a study between Art, Science and History. It contains perhaps the first proposal for a systematic study of mathematics that it can be found in the monumental heritage of a city. With 22 Walks that contain the analysis of many monuments, it reveals how they show functional mathematics (which have […]

Edna Bernal tells us about her experience as a DaSCI doctoral student Noticia

My name is Edna Bernal, I was born in Colombia, I am a systems engineer from the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia UPTC, since 2014 I am a teacher and researcher at the Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia UNAD, currently a PhD candidate in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at the University of […]

Episode 8: Black… boxes? Noticia

#podcast #T1E8 In this episode we will talk about the obscure science of “Interpretability” and “explainability“, particularly in artificial neural networks. We will try to unravel several mysteries together with an all-star cast. We will try to explain why neural networks, usually considered as black boxes, decide to classify that image as a cat, or […]

Episode 7: Connected Health Noticia

#podcast #T1E7 The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new paradigm in which different devices interact with each other without human intervention. This leads to self-organizing networks where there are devices in charge of measuring the environment, the sensors, and others in charge of acting on it, the actuators, which allow to control spaces to […]

“Artificial Intelligence for all audiences” is the title of the talk with which the Ada Lovelace Lecture Series begins Noticia

We open this new space for dissemination with Nerea Luis, PhD in Computer Science, co-founder of T3chFest and Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Sngular and passionate about dissemination, artificial intelligence and robotics. This is a Cycle of Conferences that has at its core the DaSCI Institute’s interest in bringing Artificial Intelligence to all audiences, specialised or […]

Episode 6: Regression and complexity Noticia

#podcast #T1E6 In this chapter we introduce one of the basic problems that Artificial Intelligence tools try to solve: regression. Regression models try to predict a certain variable using other variables as input, so that the resulting model reveals the relationship between them. Deep Learning deals with these problems using neural networks, which are sometimes […]

SintonIA, a podcast for the Andalusian Research Institute in Data Science and Computational Intelligence (DaSCI) Noticia

The podcast sheds light into the technologies used in the processing and analysis of information. Hosted by Rocío Romero and Francisco Jesús Martínez, both researchers at the DaSCI institute, the podcast deals with the latest advances in these technologies and their future prospects in simple language and for all audiences. The podcast is a biweekly […]

Episode 5: Fake News Noticia

#podcast #T1E5 There’s a lot of talk lately about fake news. Fake news, also known as hoaxes, is one of the biggest problems facing the information society. The ability to spread and the reach they have has multiplied the potential to misinform, especially if they are specifically designed to do so. In this episode we […]

Episode 4: A very “cute” episode Noticia

#podcast #T1E4 The application of data science and artificial intelligence to other fields is generating scientific breakthroughs never seen before. And perhaps one of the most striking cases is that of bioinformatics. Bioinformatics applies statistical and computational techniques to analyze biological data, such as DNA. In this episode we see how bioinformatics is able to […]

Episode 3: They listen to us, but do they understand us? Noticia

#podcast #T1E3 Maybe the other day you were talking to a friend about pharmacies, and from that moment on you only get ads for pregnancy tests. Or you received a confirmation of your sushi order by email, and now your facebook is full of take-out food ads. Don’t worry, there is no person following you […]

Episode 2: Your face sounds familiar! Noticia

#podcast #T1E2 In this episode we talk about Generative Neural Networks. For those who don’t know very well what this is about, Neural Networks are a kind of program that is able to learn to perform tasks automatically, just by seeing thousands of examples. In other words, we “train” them, exposing them to example after […]

Episode 0: Hello! Are you there? Noticia

#podcast #T1E0 Imagine for a moment that you wake up in the morning. Maybe your smart wristband decided it was the right time by analyzing your biomedical signals. Or maybe it’s your lifelong alarm clock. You wake up and look at the weather forecast on your phone. You have 20 notifications. You’ll look at them […]

Episode 1: Women in IT Noticia

#podcast #T1E1 In this episode we discuss controversial topics, such as the recent publication by leading researchers at the Andalusian Institute of Data Science and Computational Intelligence (DaSCI) of a book on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the UN, and particularly, how they affect SDG 5 Gender Equality. […]


#conference Francisco Herrera talks in the keynote event about “Big Data and AI in Health: the Power of Data” The Health Research Institute of Aragon (IIS Aragon) in collaboration with the Andalusian Inter-University Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, the Rioja Health Foundation, the Cantabrian Health Service, the Health Research Institute of Navarre, the […]

AI and the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals Noticia

Artificial Intelligence and the rapid development of technologies could become an asset to make our world more fair and equitable. However, they can also become a threat in issues such as security, privacy, dependence, etc. These technologies have implications in all areas of human activity and it must be us, together with governments and companies, […]


Next week will take place the ENHAnCE TRAINING WEEK, a training activity organized in the framework of the European Project ENHAnCE, coordinated by the DaSCI Institute. It is an on-line event that starts on Monday 26th and that will focus on offering an “Introduction to Research Practice” until Friday 30th. The participants will be able […]

Virtual expo: Artificial intelligence Noticia

The University of Granada has organised an exhibition about Artificial Intelligence. A virtual and physical place, in the “Palacio de la Madraza”, that invites us to know more about Artificial Intelligence and some achievements and ongoing projects developed by the UGR. The institute’s researchers are very present on it through videos of their works on […]